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nekozumi's art

January 14th, 2007

HD - really ?



December 26th, 2006


these are two "remix" of two drawings i have done last year *.*
i dunno if you remember
Well i really wanted to edit / correct it and change them into my anime style *0*

i had a lot of fun drawing these two pictures lol
maybe i drew them again to prouve myself i can improve (?) 
cause i'm never satisfed of what i draw X_X i always want to do better TT_TT

i really hate my lazyness -_-
i got plennnnty of drawings to finish !!!!!!!!!! gimme strenght, gimme brains, gimme sweets !!!!!!! LOL


December 24th, 2006

Merry Christmas


December 14th, 2006

An HD drawing, yeah once again *_*
ho i know it's not very detailfull, you gotta forgive me for my lazyness lol ^^ 
shame on me for making blank backgrounds *bouhouuuuuuu*

i wanted something between desire and hatred
i think that Draco is not telling the truth ;)  he wants to convince himself that he still hate Harry... 
Poor Harry , he doesn't seem to understand what happen... :(


December 5th, 2006

my random  chattering  (with my bad english , forgive meeee >_< ):
lol i should calm down myself :D
i can't stop drawing HP stuff   *0*
but it' not my fault, it's because i like LJ !!!!
you guys are so nice with meeeeeeeee
and i think it's more intimate than Deviantart  X_X
i really feel like i have my own page and not the same as everybody *_*


December 3rd, 2006

HD - Come back


an HD drawing that i draw today cause i feel inspired ^_____^
and because i wanna put many many drawings here *_^
i wanted to draw a winter pic, something cold and sad * . *


December 2nd, 2006

hi !!!!!
thank you very much for the people who join ^____^
here is some drawings i have done ^^


November 29th, 2006



bienvenue to NekozumiX

i'm gona post here all my Hp stuff  (including some NC-17 stuff for the naughty fangirls ^^)

hope you will enjoy it :)

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